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Digital Media Labs: From Concept to Funding to Management

An ALA webinar on Thursday 5 February 2015  at 8.30am (NZ Time)

Introduction to Library Management

An Infopeople online course, beginning  10 March – 6 April 2015

Have you recently moved to a management position or are you considering a career path in library management? Do you want to determine your potential or improve your ability to be a successful manager? How strong are your management skills and what can you do to strengthen them or acquire additional skills?

During this course, which is targeted at first time managers and supervisors, you will learn:

5 Minutes On personal resilience through the change process

Change is now ubiquitous in the library sector – technology, legislation, society structure, customer demographics, company demands are all changing at a pace that mean change has become a constant. 

However, that doesn’t make it any easier to manage or navigate. 

So how do you manage change well?

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PCI Webinars

PCI Webinars are an American based company that have an extensive range of webinars covering a multitude of library and management related topics on their website.  These cost from $59 NZD for access to a single webinar to $299 for a six month subscription to the site.

Showcase: The Anatomy of Libraries

My Mum lives in Gisborne. She doesn't use the library and won't write a letter to the editor about the library user-charges in Gisborne because she doesn't know what she'd say.

I asked Mum why she doesn't use the library: "I don't need to." I asked Mum what would encourage her to use the library: "If they had events or things that may interest me I might go." Now I know the library has lots of things that may interest Mum, but she doesn't. Or if she does, she's hasn't been persuaded to give it a try.

If disaster strikes have you considered...

Recently Carolyn Robertson, Christchurch City Libraries Manager, wrote a brief post on the LIANZA website about her attendance at the LIANZA Waikato/Bay of Plenty Weekend School.

I also attended the weekend school and the stories Carolyn shared about the impact of the February earthquake on Christchurch City Libraries were compelling and heart-wrenching. Carolyn's stories also made me realise that there are some practical questions your library should consider, that may not be covered in a civil emergency plan.

Sally Pewhairangi - Who are your top 10 borrowers?

Growing your library isn’t just a worthy goal; it is a necessity for your survival. But growth requires focus – a focus on your number one market. A business doesn’t grow by treating all customers equally and neither should libraries.

Sally Pewhairangi - Forget Strategy, worry about execution

Developing strategic plans is a common endeavour in many libraries, and one that some libraries struggle to make meaningful.

According to Wikipedia, strategic planning is the formal consideration of an organisation's future course. All strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions:

   1. What do we do?   
   2. For whom do we do it?
   3. How do we excel?

Anne Scott, Joan Simpson and Tim Stedman - Acquisition and Discovery

Anne Scott, Joan Simpson and Tim Stedman present their paper to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on strategies for coping with budget constraints.

The “emerging trends” within the library sector is a common topic for discussion when budgets, operational and staff development plans are prepared each year. At the “Rethinking Collections” meeting in February 2014, CONZUL members identified ‘workforce planning’ as a priority area for them and within the literature it is often noted that staff development is essential in order to implement transformational change.

Tony Marriot - On the Move

Tony Marriot conducts his presentation to the 2014 LIANZA conference on how Allied Pickfords migrated collections from building that were damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes.


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