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Repositories Of Röpü Tuku Iho: A Contribution To The Survival Of Māori As A People

In providing a Mäori version for the title of my address, the printed programme uses part of a whakataukï2 (a proverb) the whole of which is often expressed as follows:

Hokia ki ngä maunga, kia purea koe e ngä hau o Täwhirimatea.

An English rendition is
Return to the mountains to be refreshed by the winds of Täwhirimatea

where Täwhirimatea is the personification of wind and other atmospheric conditions.

The Creative Potential Paradigm Emerging in Iwi/Māori Communities

For the past century and longer, iwi/Māori communities have been dominated by the quest for social justice and the desire for cultural revitalisation. These two themes arose in response to the well known Māori experience of colonisation and they will continue to be important in iwi/Māori communities for some time yet.

Charles Royal - Keynote Address for the LIANZA Conference 2007

Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal addresses the LIANZA conference in 2007.

As a notable New Zealand composer and musician, Charles combines his knowledge of orchestral music with his expertise on Māori culture and language.

Episode 10: Robert Eruera - Manatunga, Māori Librarianship and Guardianship

Corin Haines talks with Robert Eruera about the Manatunga exhibition, why it's significant and some of the challenges in mounting such an exhibition.

Robert Eruera is the Senior Librarian Pou Arahi Taonga at Auckland Libraries and the lead curator of the Manatunga exhibition which runs at Auckland Libraries until October 20.

Open Sourcing and Māori Consultation

In this 2011 presentation Chris Cormack discusses the synergy between participating in an open source project and the process of coming to agreements on a marae in a hui setting. The meritocracy idea and mana and kaitiakitanga are called different things but the concepts are common.


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