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Mātauranga Māori Workshops

Registrations and expressions of interest are now open for the Mātauranga Māori within New Zealand Libra

New ways of talking: Māori and technology

Next year, Te Rōpū Whakahau will be celebrating their 20th anniversary at their hui-ā-tau (annual conference) in January at Waipapa Marae.

Tosca Waerea and I will be facilitating an afternoon session with three absolutely outstanding speakers. Here are the details:

New ways of talking: Māori and Technology

Māori World View: An Introduction

If I was introducing myself to a predominantly Māori audience, it would be customary for each person to say a mihimihi or introduction; to state their credentials if you like from a genealogical perspective. Telling others who your ancestors are and where you call home are powerful indicators of your place in the world. It entwines you to the land and all its richness. It weaves connections with others so that you are never truly alone, no matter how much you may wish for it!

Keynote Address 2014 - Wiremu Doherty

Wiremu Doherty based his PhD on the roots of Mātauranga Māori in tribal based knowledge – Mātauranga-a-Iwi. He combines a kaupapa Māori background with educational experience in imaging future education and its relevance to Māori to form the Ranga Framework. As professionals who connect with knowledge in all its forms every day, Māori and non-Māori alike, you will want to add this framework to your own basket of knowledge.

Mereana Taungapeau - Songs of our Ancestors: Waiata Workshop for beginners

Mereana Taungapeau and Riki-Lee Paniora Saua conduct their workshop introducing tips and tricks for learning the waiata.

In October 2014, many people took the time to respond to the LIANZA biculturalism survey. There were a wide range of opinions and responses around the issues relating to biculturalism in New Zealand libraries.

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