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Te Rōpū Whakahau

LIANZA's formal partnership with Te Rōpū Whakahau began in 1995.

Mirla Edmundson - Professional Registration: What It Means For Auckland Libraries

In August 2011 Auckland Libraries put a stake in the ground when it began requiring staff in senior roles to hold LIANZA professional registration. Why did we do this and how has it worked in practice? What are the next steps in shaping the workforce for Auckland Libraries? Following the creation of Auckland Libraries, we embarked upon a comprehensive job evaluation process to address any inequities in job sizing during the transition from the eight former employers.

Adrian Jenkins - Lightning: The Value Of Verbal Praise And Recognition From Managers Amongst New Zealand Library Staff

This lightning session will report on an INFO 580 research project that I conducted to complete my Master of Information Studies degree. My research investigated the extent to which New Zealand library staff are motivated by verbal praise and recognition from their managers. 436 library staff, with a manager, from a range of libraries across New Zealand, participated. The research was grounded in two well-known theories of motivation.

Hannah Benbow - Lightning talk: Outreach to New User Groups in a Shared Services Environment: First Steps

Many libraries are finding themselves subject to mergers and Government moves to centralise services in the public sector have seen a number of special libraries looking after new and disparate client groups. The back office functions of the Treasury, State Services Commission and Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet were combined on March 5 2012 to form Central Agencies Shared Services (CASS).

Abigail Willemse - Are You My Mentor? Identifying And Cultivating Mentoring Relationships

This paper was presented by Abigail Willemse at the 2013 LIANZA Conference.

Brenda Chawner - Flowing and Changing Over Time: Reshaping Postgraudate Information Studies Qualifications to Meet Future Needs

This paper was presented by Brenda Chawner at the 2013 LIANZA Conference.
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VicInfo Ihonui - Library Services For The Future?

William Brockelsby and Christine Quill present a paper to the 2013 LIANZA conference in Hamilton on the VicInfo project to redesign library services in Victoria University.

LIANZA Communities

LIANZA currently has over 15 active member groups based on specific geographical regions and shared interests in particular aspects of library and information management.

The Future Skills Working Group

The Future Skills work could not have been delivered without the hard work and dedication of the following people:


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