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Keynote Address 2014 - Wiremu Doherty

Wiremu Doherty based his PhD on the roots of Mātauranga Māori in tribal based knowledge – Mātauranga-a-Iwi. He combines a kaupapa Māori background with educational experience in imaging future education and its relevance to Māori to form the Ranga Framework. As professionals who connect with knowledge in all its forms every day, Māori and non-Māori alike, you will want to add this framework to your own basket of knowledge.

Keynote Address 2014 - Thomas Frey

Thomas Frey is a futurist speaker and a highly-rated one if we trust Google’s recommendation. Luckily, we didn’t just trust Google. He has, in fact, spoken on the future of libraries on a number of occasions, just as he will at LIANZA 2014. Join us as Futurist Thomas Frey steps us into the future roles libraries will play as we enter a brave new era where hundreds and even thousands of new “things” enter our lives – From an Internet of Things to a Library of Things.

Keynote Address 2014 - Damon Salesa

Damon Salesa invites us to enter Pacific New Zealand, one of the fastest growing NZ-born populations in New Zealand. How equipped is our profession to meet the challenge of these Pacific communities? Whether your community consists of a single Pacific Island family, or large, extensive populations, Damon’s presentation will start you on a path of understanding and connecting with this increasingly important sector of New Zealand society.

Keynote Address 2014 - Mai Chen

Mai Chen needs very little introduction, and if the buzz surrounding her keynote announcement was anything to go by, we won’t need to convince you too much that this woman of influence is a speaker worthy of making the trip to Conference on Monday morning. The topic of leadership is broad ranging, but whatever angle Mai Chen takes, delegates will benefit from the depth of her experience and knowledge of the NZ national and local government, and her dynamic and energetic presence.

Keynote Address 2014 - Judith Peacock

Judith Peacock is an information literacy guru, imaginative, innovative, and inspiring. She motivated many Kiwis who listened to her speak at ALIA in 2011, Kiwis who thought her messages would benefit a wider New Zealand audience. It took 3 years, but we have finally secured Judith for this year’s LIANZA Conference. Come listen to Judith as she talks to us about reinventing our role and encourages us to act now so that we don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. Do. Discover. It’s time.

Keynote Address 2014 - Ingrid Parent

Dr Ingrid Parent came with a strong recommendation, one we couldn’t refuse. Her leadership role with IFLA and international reputation in the information industry will provide considerable insight for Conference delegates, taking what we already do at a local level – connecting with communities through collaboration, partnerships and building relationships – to an international stage.

Keynote Address 2014 - Eibhlin Roche

Eibhlin Roche is the Manager of the Guinness Archive, located in Guinness Storehouse, Home of GUINNESS®, in Dublin, Ireland. The Guinness Archive is the only corporate Archive open to the public in Ireland and is recognised as a leading global example of a corporate brand archive.  As Company Archivist, Eibhlin is responsible for the acquisition, cataloguing, preservation and access to the Guinness Archive collection. 

LIANZA Presidential Address 2014 - Corin Haines

LIANZA president, Corin Haines conducts his address of the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland.

National Librarian Address 2014: Bill Macnaught

National Librarian, Bill Macnaught conducts his address to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland.

Vanessa Bruell - Is it all about the numbers? Publication impact and metrics

Vanessa Bruell conducts a workshop at the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on the BiblioInformatics service


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