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Gaming: What does that have to do with my library?

I have a confession to make. I love playing role playing electronic games even though I am not very good. When I opened my latest acquisition, I noticed that the instructions consisted of one sheet. So what does this have to do with libraries? I wonder if our library user interfaces are good enough to use with no instructions, or a minimum of one sheet. Let’s look at two areas which are typical of a gaming interface and compare them to a library catalogue or portal.


Intuitive interface

Become a BoK Star

In a previous post I listed 24 library leadership qualities that will inspire me to be a loyal follower.

4.  I will follow someone who helps me overcome obstacles.

LIANZA's professional registration scheme provides (amongst other things) a framework for employers to coach and develop their library and information professional staff.

Making do with less: Service delivery on a reduced budget

This is my first column for Librarylife: Te Rau Ora. I will offer practical advice for libraries trying to survive in the current climate of sinking budgets and users with other options for seeking information. I also want to look at trends beyond libraries and consider how they may impact how and what we deliver to our clients.

Today I want to offer some tips on dealing with budget cuts to journal titles.


Journals: full text

Sean The Storyteller: Much Ado

So this fortnight’s little homily keeps wanting to change on me. I say this fortnight, but I’ve got to apologise for nonappearance of my regular column last fortnight. Thank you to Hana, who very compassionately allowed me a break.

I’ve got a couple of interactions in mind, each of which would make a good starter, but I keep flipping the coin. Both of them happened to me in the early eighties at Mount Roskill Library, which was my local growing up.

If disaster strikes have you considered...

Recently Carolyn Robertson, Christchurch City Libraries Manager, wrote a brief post on the LIANZA website about her attendance at the LIANZA Waikato/Bay of Plenty Weekend School.

I also attended the weekend school and the stories Carolyn shared about the impact of the February earthquake on Christchurch City Libraries were compelling and heart-wrenching. Carolyn's stories also made me realise that there are some practical questions your library should consider, that may not be covered in a civil emergency plan.

Without libraries what have we

I came across this Ray Bradbury quote: “Without Libraries what have we? We have no past and no future…” on the good reads website.

It made me think and it dwelled on my brain all day. During the day I jotted down some thoughts and came up with this piece of inspiration.

A Book In Every Backpack

The 3M Excellence and Innovation Award  is highly coveted within New Zealand libraries. Winning the Award gives the winner bragging rights and sparks “dare to do different” library programmes and services throughout the profession.

With applications for the 3M Excellence and Innovation Award closing on 30 June 2011, I’ve invited Debbie Duncan, Upper Hutt City Library Manager, to tell us a little bit about the impact of applying for, and winning the 3M Excellence and Innovation Award in 2010.

The Library Leadership Manifesto

When I attended Aurora in 2005 my manager expected me to be so changed by the experience that I would actively seek new adventures within two years. He was right. By February 2007 I had left libraries altogether.

Sean The Storyteller: Tūrangawaewae

I was recently talking to a colleague who was worried about feelings of personal and professional vulnerability that arose from being responsible for an online public communication stream. I definitely know that feeling.

Many years ago, I worked at Blockhouse Bay Library under Kaye Lally, an inspirational library leader now doing good work at Hawera LibraryPlus in South Taranaki District Libraries.


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