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5 Minutes On Facebook for libraries

More and more libraries are using social media to engage with their customers and draw them in through their doors.

Used correctly, social media can be effective in generating more customers and more interest in what your library is trying to achieve.

Content created by Ines Almeida, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, LIANZA, January 2015

Libraries Aotearoa: Past Present and Future

A presentation on Libraries Aotearoa (#brandlibraries) by Working Group Chair Vye Perrone at LIANZA Conference in Auckland, October 2014.

Libraries Aotearoa represents all New Zealand libraries. From school to academic, from public to specialist, we're one powerful network, able to guide our country on its journey towards knowledge.

E-reader revolution creates demand libraries can't meet

Kindles, Nooks and iPads can do many amazing things, but they can’t bump you ahead in line at the Reston Regional Library. In fact, if you want to borrow a book, it may be quicker to put down your sleek new device and head into the stacks.

Checking out e-books without having to leave home — just as you would buy a title online: click and boom, there it is — might be the fastest-growing segment in the library business these days. But the experience is often far from the on-demand satisfaction people have come to expect from their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Images from Albertland

"It's a wonderful book - in the truest sense: every page, each image of Harold Marsh's - full of wonder. And it doesn't get better than that!"

Glowing words from New Zealand's own Sam Hunt, at the launch of a limited collectors Gold Edition of Images from Albertland, a stunning record of pioneering life in northern Kaipara that also reflects the wider settlement of New Zealand in the 19th century.

Images from Albertland, from Echo Publishing, is now being nationally released in a standard Silver edition. 

Connected Learning

My most recent post on Half Pint of Library Wisdom wasn’t my best work.

The message was certainly heartfelt, and I don’t take back a word of it, but I could wish that I’d sat on it a day or two longer, done some re-drafting, and clarified my thinking a little more.  So, if you don’t mind, I’ll try to find that clarity here by thinking aloud to a different audience.  

PCI Webinars

PCI Webinars are an American based company that have an extensive range of webinars covering a multitude of library and management related topics on their website.  These cost from $59 NZD for access to a single webinar to $299 for a six month subscription to the site.

Sean the Storyteller: A Christmas Carol

Having had a short break from contributing to e-Library Life, I thought I’d come back in and share a heartwarming seasonal tale to round the year out.

As a male person working in libraries, I’ve regularly been asked to contribute to the festive season by donning a red, fur-lined outfit and a beard.

Looking past your nose: My Journey

Those of you who know me will be aware that I don’t work in a library anymore. I have moved to the Preservation Team at Statistics New Zealand. So why am I writing a column for Library Life: Te Rau Ora and presenting a paper at the LIANZA conference?

Looking past your nose: Being future ready

Recently I went to Auckland to see my son off to Korea to take up a post-graduate scholarship. It did not work out as planned when our car was written off on the Southern Motorway. Luckily no one was hurt, although it was a close call. The problem was a mattress in the fast line of the motorway. Drivers were not looking far enough ahead to see the danger and when they did see it they were not reacting appropriately. So how does this belong in a column for librarians? I think we are sometimes so focussed on the road directly in front of us, that we cannot see what is further up the road.


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