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Judith Peacock - Do. Discover. It's Time.

Judith Peacock conducts her presentation "Do. Discover. It's Time" for the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland.

NB: To view this presentation, users will be required to install the Prezi app (Windows version available here, Mac version available here). Once installed, please unzip the Judith Peacock presentation folder and proceed to double click upon the Prezi app executable.

Provide and Pray

Earlier this year I listened to a podcast from The Engaging Brand about a new book called "The Social Organisation:  How to Use Social Media to Tap the Collective Genius of Your Customers and Employees". One memorable aspect of this podcast was the reference to a practice that the authors referred to as "provide and pray".

NZ Library and Information Management Journal (NZLIMJ) Vol 52, No. 4 2012

A full PDF version of this issue is available here (NZLIMJ Vol. 52, No. 4) or you can access the individual articles below. 




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LIANZA Presidential Address 2014 - Corin Haines

LIANZA president, Corin Haines conducts his address of the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland.

National Librarian Address 2014: Bill Macnaught

National Librarian, Bill Macnaught conducts his address to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland.

Lynley Stone - Emerging Leadership presentation

Lynley Stone conducts her workshop at the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland briefing and teaching librarians about the new ways to cultivate leaders in the LIS sector.

For more information on the Emerging Leaders project, click here.

Elaine Sides and Brenda Chawner - Why Professional Registration is the Future!

Elaine Sides and Brenda Chawner conduct their workshop in the 2014 LIANZA conference on the professional registration scheme

Cath Sheard - Rangitiratanga; Self-determination - Why revalidation matters and how to get it done?

Cath Sheard presents her paper to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on the value of revalidation and professional registration.

Mereana Taungapeau - Songs of our Ancestors: Waiata Workshop for beginners

Mereana Taungapeau and Riki-Lee Paniora Saua conduct their workshop introducing tips and tricks for learning the waiata.


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