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Assistant Librarian

Assistant Librarian - Entry-Level

Job description

The role of an assistant librarian is essentially that of a customer service orientated role involving recommending and issuing books, handling enquiries from the general public and managing catalogues. Assistant librarians may also be required to perform technical tasks such as the preparation and analyses of statistical data and general systems maintenance.

Mid Level Librarian

Job description

Mid Level librarians assist in the general operation of the library. Positions at this level require a general library qualification and previous library experience to handle complex queries, whilst ensuring that critical library systems continue to function effectively.

Specific responsibilities may include:

Team Leader/Management

 Job description

A Team Leader assists in the management and operation of the library. Their responsibilities may overlap with the specialist role.  Team Leaders coordinate and control the provision of day-to-day services in the library. 


Specific responsibilities may include:



Job description

A specialist role is defined as being Trained towards a specific task/system within the library, such as, (but not necessarily limited to), database management, cataloguing and quality assurance. Specialists may not be wholly restricted to this and may still assist with the day-to-day operation of the library.

Specific responsibilities can include:

Senior Manager

Senior Management Salary comparision chart

 Figure 1 Remuneration comparison for senior management roles

The senior management roles illustrated the largest salary gap (up to 16%) when compared with both local government and general job market salaries (Figure 1). The data also shows that across the board, the LIS sector does not currently reach the average remuneration of the other sectors.

ALIA and LIANZA Announce Joint Conference For 2018

ALIA and LIANZA are delighted to announce their first joint conference since 1994, set to take place between July and September 2018.

A Century of Library Life

An email floats in. Would I be interested in writing the centennial history of LIANZA? My first thought - what is LIANZA? Two phone calls later I had the answer: the current manifestation of the venerable New Zealand Library Association, domiciled for many years at 10 Park Street, Thorndon and administered by super-efficient, over-worked Doreen Bibby. On her retirement in 1976 she was overheard by Hillas McLean to say, ‘I hope I can have a holiday before I die.’

Looking past your nose: Being future ready

Recently I went to Auckland to see my son off to Korea to take up a post-graduate scholarship. It did not work out as planned when our car was written off on the Southern Motorway. Luckily no one was hurt, although it was a close call. The problem was a mattress in the fast line of the motorway. Drivers were not looking far enough ahead to see the danger and when they did see it they were not reacting appropriately. So how does this belong in a column for librarians? I think we are sometimes so focussed on the road directly in front of us, that we cannot see what is further up the road.

Become a BoK Star

In a previous post I listed 24 library leadership qualities that will inspire me to be a loyal follower.

4.  I will follow someone who helps me overcome obstacles.

LIANZA's professional registration scheme provides (amongst other things) a framework for employers to coach and develop their library and information professional staff.

Kathryn Oxborrow - Standing Up Against The Cuts

Public Library services in the United Kingdom are very much under threat in the wake of last October’s Government spending review.


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