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Life is busy, and we all know it. Once you factor in work, time spent with family, and then your own personal "me" time, there's not a lot left over.

If you're passionate about being part of your community, it's worth putting a little time aside to join some of our LIANZA Groups.

Cath Sheard - Rangatiratanga - Encouraged To Lead

This paper was presented by Cath Sheard at LIANZA Conference 2013

Professionalism: Exploring the Role and Responsibility of our Professional Associations

This paper was presented by Susan Henczel and Peter Macauley at the 2013 LIANZA Conference

Supporting Public Libraries

We often get requests from public libraries and their communities asking for our assistance with changes that are being directed by their council. 

Webchat by David Lankes of Syracuse University on "The Future of Libraries"

How can librarians promote social change? Join Professor R. David Lankes from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies to discuss how today’s global challenges require a new librarianship based on community engagement. Learn why librarians must adopt a mission of transformative social action to help improve society, not simply document it.

LIANZA Council

Council Members

The LIANZA Council provides governance, policy and strategic direction for the Association and is made up of a President, President Elect, Past President, Treasurer, six regional councillors, two representatives of Te Rōpū Whakahau and the Executive LIANZA Director.

Upcoming LIANZA Council meeting dates for 2019:


LIANZA has an incredible membership base that makes it possible for us to accomplish great things for the library and information profession through our project work. 

Our main projects focus on strengthening the profession and were developed in response to member feedback. Have a look at what we're up to! And if you like what you see, get involved - we could always use the help!


LIANZA: The Voice of the Library Profession in Aotearoa New Zealand


The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa is a vibrant non-profit and membership based organisation that advocates on behalf of library and information professionals within the sector.


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