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Identifying Leadership Potential

Library Life Article: 16 Jul 13

Feature article by Cath Sheard RLIANZA

An interview with Senga White - Looking at Leadership in New Zealand Libraries

This is the fifth in a series of articles on leadership from Cath Sheard on behalf of the Emerging Leaders Working Group – Editor

Thelma Fisher and Catherine Robertson: Accountability, Advocacy And Academia: A Library Liaison Perspective

Thelma Fisher and Catherine Robertson present their paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on how librarians can assist researchers.

Michelle Anderson: The Power of Choice - Problems with a Female Dominated Profession

Michelle Anderson presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on the problems experienced by a predominantly female profession.

Librarianship has traditionally been a female dominated profession. What has changed in the last 30 or so years has been the pattern of work that female librarians have engaged in. Changes in social attitudes, legislation and better childcare options have given women the power of choice – the ability to choose whether to combine work with motherhood, an option not available a number of years ago.

Michael Gonzalez and Jan Herivel: Leading from any position? Implementing a leadership strategy at UWS library

Michael Gonzalez and Jan Herivel present their paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference surrounding the coming change to universities in the near future.

Keynote Address: Molly Raphael

Molly Raphael's presentation to the LIANZA 2011 Conference concerning economic conditions and how to maintain the value of libraries.

How to be Tactful - Responding with Diplomacy

Concerned you don't always say the right thing - this free online resource gives you a basic outline of tact and some tips on how to be more diplomatic.

Our Leadership Champion - Jane Cherry

Jane was a secondary school English and drama teacher, and became a library and information professional because she loved literature and cats, and wanted a quiet life. This idea was rudely disrupted when she entered the dynamic and unquiet world of public libraries. Jane no longer desires a quiet life, but wants to be as loud and outspoken as possible to advocate for this sector.

Adrian Jenkins - Lightning: The Value Of Verbal Praise And Recognition From Managers Amongst New Zealand Library Staff

This lightning session will report on an INFO 580 research project that I conducted to complete my Master of Information Studies degree. My research investigated the extent to which New Zealand library staff are motivated by verbal praise and recognition from their managers. 436 library staff, with a manager, from a range of libraries across New Zealand, participated. The research was grounded in two well-known theories of motivation.

Skill Map

For each of the topics listed below, it is assumed:

A) that to possess a skill in that area is to have an ability to understand and apply these topics in the Library and Information environment and/or have the ability to create, use, develop, implement, manage that information tool, program etc. as appropriate


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