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Judy McFall-McCaffery and Stephanie Cook - Connecting and thriving through integration: A (sP)acific example

Judy McFall-McCaffery and Stephanie Cook present their paper to the 2014 LIANZA conference on different approaches to teaching and supporting pacific students

Christina Muaiava and Judy McFall-McCaffery - Connecting through music and dance - The pacific experience

Christina Muaiava and Judy McFall-McCaffery conduct their workshop on using music and dance to engage and connect difference library communities.

Keynote Address: Jesus Lau

Dr Jesus Lau is co-author of the "Mexican Information Standards for Higher Education', and author of the "IFLA International Guidelines on Information Literacy for Life-Long Learning" now available in several languages.

Keynote Address LIANZA 2010: Chris Szekely

Adressing the LIANZA conference in 2010 this is a personal reflection on the changing library and information needs of Maori. In the 1990's, the Te Ara Tika Project identified the key issues relating to Maori use and non-use of libraries. Chris considers how much progress has been made in addressing these issues, and the extent to which Maori are redefining their needs and expectations.

John Laurie: Power Of The Past: Early New Zealand Books Online – Researchers’ And Digitisers’ Perspectives

John Laurie presents his paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on different perspectives on the University of Auckland'a Early New Zealand Books collection.

Jacinta Paranihi: Tū Te Ihi, Tū Te Wehi, Tū Te Wana: Māori Subject Headings And Empowerment Through Access

Jacinta Paranihi presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference surrounding the value in using Māori Subject Headings in libraries.

Why do we need Māori Subject Headings? Aren’t they just for cataloguers? How can they help me to help my customers? If you have ever pondered these questions, read on and mark this presentation as a ‘must see’ on your 2011 LIANZA Conference Programme!

Attending this presentation will not only answer these questions, but will also show you how you can contribute to improving access to your library community AND no reo skills are required.

Rukuwai Jury and Anahera Morehu: Kei ā Wai? | Who Has...

Rukuwai Jury and Anahera Morehu present their paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference surrounding the lack of Māori libraians in the sector. 

You walk into a library looking for information, as you look around at your fellow patrons and the staff it suddenly dawns on you that you’re a one of a kind... Ever wondered where Māori are in your library? Why are Māori graduates in library studies not applying for careers in your library?

Liz Wilkinson, Penny Bardenheier, Hemi Dale, Sophie Tauwehe Tamati: Me Whakarongo Ki Te Kōrero: Let The Conversations Be Heard

Liz Wilkinson presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference surrounding the effects of an initiative to enrich the Māori Junior Non-Fiction collection of the Sylvia Ashton-Warner library.

Alastair Smith - New Zealand Information on the Internet: The Power to Find the Knowledge

Alastair Smith presents his paper to the 2011 LIaNZA conference surrounding the prevalence and access of NZ information on the internet.


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