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5 Minutes on the Public Records Act

LIANZA presents an overview of why and how the governments keeps/manages information.


5 minutes on… the Public Records Act 2005

What is the Public Records Act?
The Public Records Act sets out how information is to be created and managed in Government.

5 Minutes on The Privacy Act 1993

The Privacy Act 1993 aims to promote and protect individual privacy specifically regarding any personal information held by organisations or agencies.

Briefing For The Minister Responsible For The National Library Of New Zealand

This brief was prepared by LIANZA for the Minister of Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) responsible for the National Library of New Zealand in 2012. 

The brief outlines the important role that libraries play in New Zealand society, the challenges facing libraries in the next five to ten years, the importance of the National Library of New Zealand to the sector and the country, and the opportunities for ensuring best value is achieved from the investment made in libraries in New Zealand.

LIANZA Questions for Political Parties prior to 2011 General Election

LIANZA sought information from political parties on issues affecting libraries and the library and information sector in the lead up to the 2011 general election.

LIANZA promotes and advocates for effective and strong libraries across all sectors – from public libraries to university libraries, from prison libraries to school libraries.

LIANZA Questions For Political Parties Ahead Of The 2014 General Election

Ahead of the 2014 General Election in September, LIANZA has written to each political party seeking their views on issues that affect the library and information management sector and issues that are important to ensuring New Zealand citizens benefit from a healthy and effective library and information service.

Letter To NZ Defence Force: Review Of Support Functions

Letter from LIANZA to the Chief Operating Officer at NZ Defence Force (NZDF) voicing concerns over announcements that the Defence Force is reviewing its support functions which includes library and information services.

LIANZA strongly urges NZDF to carefully consider the wider consequences to communities of reducing or closing library services.

"Keep Public Libraries Free" Background Document

On 5th May 2011, LIANZA launched a national “Keep Public Libraries Free” campaign to raise the profile of this important issue in the lead up to the General Election 2011.  This document offers background information around this issue.

Keep Public Libraries Free is currently no legislation in New Zealand to prevent councils making libraries charge for basic services like books, music and DVD loans, and Internet use.

LIANZA: The Voice of the Library Profession in Aotearoa New Zealand


The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa is a vibrant non-profit and membership based organisation that advocates on behalf of library and information professionals within the sector.


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