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Future skills

Justine Hyde - Transforming yourself for the future library

Justine Hyde conducts her workshop at the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on why libraries are changing and how librarians need to adapt for modern ideas.

Andrew Charlesworth - Get up close and personal with a 3D printer

Andrew Charlesworth conducts his presentation to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on 3D printer technology.

National Information Policy Position Paper - Information Literacy And Reading Literacy

This Paper :

  • Explores the place of information literacy and literacy in the wider context of a national information strategy and the changing information environment..

  • Places information literacy/literacy in the context of current govt goals

  • Suggests possible govt action

  • Outlines the potential contribution of LIANZA and libraries

  • Provides some relevant international examples and precedents

An Assessment Of The Continuing Professional Development Needs Of Librarians In New Zealand

This report presents the basic data collected as part of the analysis of the needs of librarians for continuing professional development (CPD) conducted in September 2005 by The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand in conjunction with LIANZA. It covers the purpose of the needs assessment, followed by the methodology, and the collated results.

Meeting Technology Review

LIANZA presents the results of an investigation into the pros and cons of different communications software.

Anand Kochunny: Using Web 2.0 As A Collaboration Tool

Anand Kochunny presents his paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on the advantages and disadvantages of using a wiki in library environments.

Moira Fraser: Leading From The Edge Of The World: Contributing To The Community Of Parliamentary Libraries And Research Services

Moira Fraser presents her paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on an international network of libraries.

Building an (international) network

  • Establishing yourself
  • Learning from others
  • Contributing

Why have an (international) network

  • Links to other parliamentary libraries
  • Current value to Parliamentary Library

Growing the usefulness of your network

  • Contributing to democracy
  • Supporting global library development

Sue McKnight: The Penguin Scale, And Other Learnings From An Earthquake

Sue McKnight presents her paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on the impact of earthquakes on the University of Canterbury's library.

  • Earthquake Impact on the University of Canterbury
  • Earthquake Impact on the UC libraries
  • Penguin Scale?
  • Lessons Learned

Fi Emberton: Future-proofing Your Service; Achieving Cultural Change

Fi Emberton presents her paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on the cultural future of libraries.

Professor Sue McKnight: Here Today And Here Tomorrow

Professor Sue McKnight presents her paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on the future of academic libraries.


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