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Future skills

Reel in Readers

An Infopeople online course, beginning  17 March – 13 April 2015

Here's a crash course on video production and digital animation that will help you learn how to expand your readers’ advisory services with book trailers - an animated or live action "preview" for a book. You will explore:

Developing a Digital Branch

An Infopeople online course, beginning  24 February – 23 March 2015

Would you like to expand and enhance your library’s online presence? Do you want to build an effective, user-friendly digital branch that is an active online community where customers can interact – with you and with each other?

During this course, you’ll learn:

Igniting innovations

An Infopeople online course, beginning  17 February – 16 March 2015

We know that libraries need to become more innovative in order to survive and thrive in contemporary society. Innovation is about moving from idea to implementation and there are practical skills and techniques that can be learned.

In this course, you will explore:   

5 Minutes on 3D Printing

LIANZA presents the basics of 3D printing and some common pitfalls that new users face.

Portfolio Power

In my ever hopeful quest to break into the competitive and tightly held world of the teacher librarian, I have been doing a lot of reading about the most successful ways in which to market oneself as a job seeker. Recently I read a quote, from Randy Nelson (Dean at Pixar University) who spoke about “...the proof of a portfolio versus the promise of a resume...”

 In light of this quote, I’m sharing my thoughts and tips about creating an online portfolio, and encouraging you, the reader, to reflect on your portfolio, or lack thereof, and how it compares to your resume.

Showcase: The Anatomy of Libraries

My Mum lives in Gisborne. She doesn't use the library and won't write a letter to the editor about the library user-charges in Gisborne because she doesn't know what she'd say.

I asked Mum why she doesn't use the library: "I don't need to." I asked Mum what would encourage her to use the library: "If they had events or things that may interest me I might go." Now I know the library has lots of things that may interest Mum, but she doesn't. Or if she does, she's hasn't been persuaded to give it a try.

Georgi de Stigter - Modern Learning Environments and libraries – What is this term “Future Focus” and how on earth does it apply to creating a library?

Georgi de Stigter presents a paper to the LIANZA 2014 conference in Auckland on a project for redesigning a library to cater to modern students. The world and its education systems are changing at an astronomic rate. The knowledge age that we are in, views fluid, flexible and dynamic self-created knowledge as the key to future success. For most of modernity libraries have been a beacon for self-directed learning and knowledge creation.

Sean The Storyteller: Gazing into the silicon crystal ball

One of our most needed tasks in the library profession is an examination of the future. 

We commit ourselves to invest in terms of time and money to projects, and each time we do so we need to have an aware of both the immediate impact and future usefulness of that project.

As a storyteller I know ‘what might be’ is definitely an area for fruitful investigation, but it’s fraught with pitfalls – most notably the difference between ‘might’ and ‘will’.

Lo que sea será. (1)

Kim Salamonson - Ten things a library can do to boost their web presence without breaking the bank

Blog! The tools are free. Blog internally and externally. Promote your stuff to your users. Promote the library to the staff. Bring out your staff's hidden creativity. It's time well spent.

Use Facebook to reach the next generation of Library users as well as the wide age spread of users currently using it. Good way to engage and audience.

Send out your Web content via RSS. Not everyone may know what's up with RSS but they soon will. 

Kim Salamonson - Is Librarianship A Worthwhile And Valuable Profession?

Forget about that image of librarians as quiet little bookworms with Buns and glasses! More and more of today's librarians must be clever interrogators, helping the patron to reframe their question more usefully. Librarians then become high-tech information sleuths, helping patrons plumb the oceans of information available in books, digital records, and online databases.  And sometimes searching, starts with a clever Google search but frequently, goes well beyond.


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