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Paul Hayton - 'There's An "app" Attitude For That' - The Powerhouse Way!

By strategically adopting values including openness and engagement through experimentation the Powerhouse Museum has embraced opportunities for meaningful online dialogue with their customers and the wider online community. This paper examines the innovative efforts of the museums Digital, Social & Emerging Technologies team in support of these values and identifies a number of success factors and lessons learned by staff along the way.

Allen McKiel, Rebecca Dixon and Vinesh Vicna - Global Student E-book Survey: Comparing 2008 and 2011 Trends and Perceptions

This interactive presentation will include a discussion on ebrary’s two Global Student E-book Surveys held in 2008 and 2011 respectively, and will review where e-book trends have changed or remained the same over the last three to four years. The global survey, performed in the autumn of 2011, mirrored the original survey that was designed in 2008 by librarians around the world. The 2008 survey had over 6,400 student responses, whilst the 2011 survey over 6,600 responses. Key findings from the 2011 study will be compared and contrasted to the original survey in 2008.

Paula Eskett - Beyond the Stereotype - School Libraries Creating Engagement with Mobile Devices and Play

"Library and school" should go together like "fish and chips", yet so often the secondary school library is the LAST place any self-respecting student will want to be seen. Things are a little different at Riccarton High School in Christchurch. We share our joint-use Library with Christchurch City Libraries and offer a modern, purpose built library to our 1,000 students and the wider community of 30,000. It's a library teenagers choose to visit both during the school day and often in their leisure time too.

Tim Darlington, Julia Old and Jennie Woodfield - Evaluation, Selection and Implementation of a Web-Scale Discovery Service: Lessons Learned and Challenges for the Future

Web-scale discovery services are fast-evolving and a popular way to quickly and easily bring together diverse sources of information on a topic. In August 2010 Massey University Library established a team to comprehensively evaluate 4 webscale discovery services. After a rigorous process, one product was selected and implemented by July 2011. Feedback has been gathered, and a review of the product and its impact upon other Library services and products began in November 2011.

Rae Gendall - Shape-shifting: The Story Of A Transformational Journey

In 2008 the Library at the University of Waikato started an ambitious journey and over the following three years morphed from a dated, 1970s, rather grim, grey, solid Library building to a stunning, glass encased, light and airy building which is now called Te Manawa, The Student Centre. This “new” building houses not only the Library but also Student Administration Services, Fees, a coffee bar, and on other floors, three retail outlets and the Students Union. This is our story – where we were, what we and our students endured, and where we are now.

Brenda Chawner - Sustaining and Transforming Services to 21st Century Academic Library Customers

This presentation will discuss the results of a survey of New Zealand academic subject/reference librarians conducted in mid-2011. The survey was part of an international collaborative project involving over fifteen countries. The aim of the survey was to identify the most highly valued knowledge, skills and competencies of reference librarians working at academic libraries in the tertiary sector. Library staff working in reference services in university, polytechnic and wānanga libraries were invited to complete an online survey.

Lynley Aldridge - Changing The Front Of House Service Model In A Tertiary Library

This paper was presented by Lynley Aldridge at LIANZA Conference 2013

Fiona Kerr - Collaborative Youth Outreach Programme

This paper was presented by Fiona Kerr at the 2013 LIANZA Conference.

Anne Ferrier-Watson - Woulda Shoulda Coulda: Do Digital Smarts Have To Hurt?

This paper was presented by Anne Ferrier-Watson at the 2013 LIANZA Conference

Belynda Smith - From The Opposite Side – Finding Treasures In Our Collections

This paper was presented by Belynda Smith at the LIANZA Conference 2013


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