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Penny Dugmore, Hamish Lindop and Baruk Jacob: Making the makers: An exploration of a makerspace in a city library

Penny Dugmore, Hamish Lindop and Baruk Jacob present their paper to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on the effects of including a Makerspace within a library.

Connecting and thriving in a challenging public library environment means being agile and responsive to community interests. Te Kauroa - future directions 2013-2023 is the strategic plan detailing how Auckland Libraries contributes to the vision and outcomes of Auckland City. Using the focus areas of Te Kauroa as guidance, a makerspace launched at the Central City library in October 2013.

National Information Policy Position Paper - Information Literacy And Reading Literacy

This Paper :

  • Explores the place of information literacy and literacy in the wider context of a national information strategy and the changing information environment..

  • Places information literacy/literacy in the context of current govt goals

  • Suggests possible govt action

  • Outlines the potential contribution of LIANZA and libraries

  • Provides some relevant international examples and precedents

Wendy Butcher and Patsy-Ann Street: Life-long Learning With Older Adults - Our Experiences

Wendy Butcher and Patsy-Ann Street present their paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on the value of libraries with an aging population.

Ada Nally: Who Are The People In Your Neighbourhood?

Ada Nally presents her paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on community engagement in libraries.

Susan Smith and Judith Wenborn: 'Take A Walk On The Wild-Side' - Library Service At The Margins

Susan Smith and Judith Wenborn present their paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on prisons in libraries and how they impact convicts.

Walk the prison corridors from the comfort of your chair and discover the answers to these vital questions -

Geraldine Howell and Elizabeth Jones: Imagining The Future

Geraldine Howell and Elizabeth Jones presenet their paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on the relationship between young readers and libraries in the digital age.

Young New Zealanders and their educators are

  • motivated and engaged readers
  • skilled users of information and creators of knowledge
  • supported by strong and transformed library and information services
  • engaging and interacting with their culture and heritage

Doing Distance Study, No-one Can Hear You Scream

Library Life Article: 22 Mar 13

Feature article by: Anton Angelo

Distance study is lonely and frustrating. As supportive as family and friends are, no-one else quite gets what you’re going through as much as people who have the same deadlines, the same pressures with the same assignments. I’m almost finished my MIS, doing it full time by distance, and I’ve come up with a few strategies to help, and some excellent resources.

Focus And Facebook: A Library Student’s Reflection

Library Life Article: 22 Mar 13

Feature article by: Claire Mead

The hardest thing I find about distance study and studying while working is the self-discipline it takes me to do self-directed study. I work 30 hours a week and have no children – so you would think that doing more than one paper a semester would be easy, but no!   

Journey Into The Unknown

Library Life Article: 22 Mar 13

Feature article by: Katherine Bosworth

I guess some people would say that I was lucky, but I would say that I have been given an opportunity of a lifetime.

Finishing school and going away to university wasn’t sounding very appealing to me. Instead, I received the chance to learn and gain a qualification whilst I work and earn experience as well as money. Of course I had to apply for it and sit for an interview.

South Taranaki Library Cadetship

Library Life Article: 22 Mar 13

Feature article by: Lynne Walker


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