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Complimentary Online Learning Resources for Literacy, Technology and Numerical Skills

The Goodwill Community Foundation creates and provides quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. All of these resources are completely cost-free and accessible for everyone.

Children's Services Fundamentals

An Infopeople online course, beginning 9 September – 6 October 2014

Do you want to be more comfortable and confident in providing library services to children and their families? In this course, expert children’s librarian and author Penny Peck will help you gain the skills to:

STEAM In The Library: Engaging Children In Learning

An Infopeople online course, beginning 23 September – 20 October 2014

Storytime Shenanigans: Building Great Programs For Preschoolers

An ALA online eCourse beginning on September 8, 2014.

Whether you're getting started in programming or are a veteran in need of a battery-charger, you'll catch the programming bug with this lively, humorous eCourse. With the presenter’s guidance, you'll learn how to move past bunny rabbits and teddy bears to create unique themes, while spotting audience participation elements that are often overlooked in picture books.

He'll show you how to

Episode 21: Jess Green - The Promotion of Language and Literacy through Poetry

Corin Haines interviews Jess Green, a full time performance poet who uses her poetry to promote language and literacy. She delivers programmes in a variety of places including libraries in the UK.

Episode 6: Dr Matt Finch - Libraries as Places for Performance, Imagination and Play

Corin Haines talks with Matt Finch about the role of immersive play and performance in libraries and why this is important for the way we engage with children and teens in our libraries.  We examine some of the challenges to the traditional concepts of what libraries are and in some examples our comfort levels but also how what takes place in libraries needs to have a tie back to knowledge and learning or we risk watering down our value.

Episode 4: Stewart Parsons - Get It Loud In Libraries and Youth Engagement

Corin Haines talks with Stewart Parsons, creator and driving force behind the highly successful Lancashire County Council’s Get It Loud In Libraries. Get It Loud in Libraries brings live concerts into the library to engage youth and create a connection for them. It builds on the concept that music is a key resource for libraries. Stewart talks about why they created Get It Loud In Libraries, how difficult it was to get support, how youth are involved and some of the experiences they had with some pretty major artists.

Episode 8: Mal Booth - Culture, Creativity, Play and Meetings

Corin Haines talks with Mal Booth, the University Librarian from the UTS in Sydney.

Episode 12: Kate Barry and Irene O'Neill - The eSmart Programme

Corin Haines chats with Kate Barry of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Irene O'Neill from Hume Libraries about the purpose of the eSmart programme and how it matters to libraries.

eSmart Libraries is a free behaviour change initiative for cybersafety and wellbeing designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology

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