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Digital Collecting Framework

The NSLA (National and State Libraries Australasia) has published a guide for collecting born digital materials.

Principles of Digital Collecting

The NSLA (National and State Libraries of Australasia) has provided a policy document outlining their principles of digital collecting.

The E-Resources Management Handbook

This open access publication has a good, basic introductory look at e-serials and their management. The publication covers a range of associated subjects, such as institutional repository, COUNTER, developing vendor relationships. The currency of material is important in this fast-moving environment and it is encouraging to note that the editors have committed to continually updating the content. The content and principles discussed are widely applicable and would have as much relevance in New Zealand as they would in the UK or USA.

Episode 14: Prof Christine Borgman - The Data Dance

Corin Haines talks with Prof Christine Borgman, VALA Keynote and Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies at UCLA.  They talk about the Data Dance, the need for librarians and researchers to work together in the collection, preservation and access to data.  How data are not just one commonly understood thing and what that means for a library.

Digital Curation Resource Guide

Complimenting the Digital Curation Bibliography, Digital Scholarship has released a resource outlining websites and courses for understanding and conducting digital curation.

Digital Curation Bibliography: Preservation and Stewardship of Scholarly Works

Digital Scholarship has released a bibliography containing 650 different resources to help individuals to understand everything surrounding digital curation and preservation. This varies from topics like copyright to digital repository concerns and is publicly accessible. 

NSLA - Personal Digital Archive Toolkit

The NSLA (National and State Libraries Australasia) have created a video outlining the preservation and management of digital content. Additionally, they have also provided links to further information from the Library of Congress.

Libraries, E-Lending and the Future of Public Access to Digital Content

This resource highlights and discusses ethical issues and outlines the role of libraries and the values they should stand for in today's information society.

Are Publishers Out-Competing Libraries? A Research Paper by Andrew Odlyzko

Andrew Odlyzk discusses the effects of academic journal publishers treating libraries as competition together with the effects on the surrounding economy and accessibility of information.

Behind the Scenes with E-Books

Led by Linda Geddes (Dunedin Public Libraries) and Helen Brownlie (University of Otago Library) this sessions looks at some of the 'behind the scenes' questions facing libraries offering eBooks.


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