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Ebooks & Elending

What it is and why librarians need to know about it.

2017 is certainly disappearing at a rapid pace! Here's what we've been keeping busy with: 

Technology. It’s super handy and it’s now so much easier to be entertained and informed than ever before. No running out in the winter weather to fetch the paper, everything I need is literally at my fingertips. It only takes a second for me to make sure I’m informed, know where I’m going or even make sure I stay dry getting to work. But for some, technology doesn’t make things easier, it makes things possible. Some of those ‘good old days’ solutions that we sometimes get nostalgic about, meant many people simply missed out.

Angus Johnston shares his thoughts on the future of bookstores in New Zealand.

Developing a Digital Branch

An Infopeople online course, beginning  24 February – 23 March 2015

Would you like to expand and enhance your library’s online presence? Do you want to build an effective, user-friendly digital branch that is an active online community where customers can interact – with you and with each other?

During this course, you’ll learn:

E-reader revolution creates demand libraries can't meet

Kindles, Nooks and iPads can do many amazing things, but they can’t bump you ahead in line at the Reston Regional Library. In fact, if you want to borrow a book, it may be quicker to put down your sleek new device and head into the stacks.

Checking out e-books without having to leave home — just as you would buy a title online: click and boom, there it is — might be the fastest-growing segment in the library business these days. But the experience is often far from the on-demand satisfaction people have come to expect from their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Challenging DRM in pursuit of control...

If an e-book lending platform fails or the business that is providing that platform collapses, what happens to the e-books that your library has purchased?  Indeed, how many of us have even thought about the long-term preservation of the e-books we’ve been purchasing?  Granted, the bigger e-lending platforms are offering lease agreements and limited lending options, but have we librarians really thought through the full implications upon entering these contractual agreements?

E-books and challenging conformity

Ahhh e-books:  A swear-word to some; a threat to others; an exciting development for still more.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m in all three categories, with a previous tendency, certainly until now, to get pretty excited. However, at the moment I’m feeling more threatened than excited…and, although probably more reactionary than cussing, I’m not liking the recent developments that are affecting libraries in the US.

3 Things Your Kindle Can't Do...But Other eReaders Can

Once again New Zealand libraries are fighting to remain relevant, this time in the provision of ebooks.

We've just celebrated the launch of two major ebook lending initiatives and now this has been overshadowed by the sale of Kindle ereaders in New Zealand stores.

Claire Stent - More Ways Librarians Can Make A Difference

Claire Stent reports on a project to digitise the New Zealand Official Yearbooks.

Statistics New Zealand has just launched a web version of the New Zealand Official Yearbooks from 1893-2008, with 2010 being added soon to complete the set. I think my library background helped focus the project on the requirements of the end user and therefore a more useful product.


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