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October webinar: copyright for digital cultural heritage collections

LIANZA has partnered with the awesome team at DigitalNZ to provide a series of webinars for the New Zealand library community. 

Marrakesh treaty

LIANZA has received a letter from the Hon Jacqui Dean concening the Government's decision to join the Marrakesh Treaty. The LIANZA Standing Committee on Copyright supports this decision.

Introduction to Intellectual Freedom in Libraries - 2015 Update

An Infopeople webinar on Wednesday 18 February 2015 at 9am (NZ Time)

WIPO online course on Intellectual Property

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) offers two online courses about intellectual property –

Challenging DRM in pursuit of control...

If an e-book lending platform fails or the business that is providing that platform collapses, what happens to the e-books that your library has purchased?  Indeed, how many of us have even thought about the long-term preservation of the e-books we’ve been purchasing?  Granted, the bigger e-lending platforms are offering lease agreements and limited lending options, but have we librarians really thought through the full implications upon entering these contractual agreements?

3 Things Your Kindle Can't Do...But Other eReaders Can

Once again New Zealand libraries are fighting to remain relevant, this time in the provision of ebooks.

We've just celebrated the launch of two major ebook lending initiatives and now this has been overshadowed by the sale of Kindle ereaders in New Zealand stores.

Looking for Copyright Resources?

If you're after copyright guidelines, links and other resources visit our Copyright resource page

Copyright And The Digital Economy

Subtitle: Australian Issues Paper
Author: Australian Law Reform Commission

This Issues Paper was prepared for the Australian Law Reform Commission's Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy.

It provides a good summary of digital copyright issues. Topics include:

Copyright Advice

It is important that members have an understanding of copyright and how it affects the library and information sector.This includes knowledge of the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 and applicable licensing agreements. 

John Laurie - Digitisation and copyright

John Laurie conducts his presentation to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on copyright law and how it relates to eBooks and modern reading technologies.


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