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Programming Specialists, Turanga (Central Library)

As a Programming Specialist you will develop and deliver learning activities for a wide cross-section of the community.

Webinar: How to protect the freedom to read in your library

What do you do when a patron or a parent finds a book in your library offensive and wants to take it off your shelves? How do you remain sensitive to the needs of all patrons while avoiding banning a title? How can you bring attention to the issue of book banning in an effective way?

LIANZA's Response to Into the River Ban

The Board of Review has taken the extraordinary step of instating an interim restriction order for access to Into The River by Ted Dawe. An 'interim restriction order' has never been issued for a book before and seems disproportionate to the risk while the Board considers a rating review.

Introduction to Intellectual Freedom in Libraries - 2015 Update

An Infopeople webinar on Wednesday 18 February 2015 at 9am (NZ Time)

Michelle Baker - Opening the book on censorship

Michelle Baker presents her paper to the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on the how New Zealand classifies books and the reasons why the system differs for other media.


Personal privacy is a growing concern for many of our patrons, and there is an increasing amount of legislation governing the capture and retention of data about individuals. 

Skill Map

For each of the topics listed below, it is assumed:

A) that to possess a skill in that area is to have an ability to understand and apply these topics in the Library and Information environment and/or have the ability to create, use, develop, implement, manage that information tool, program etc. as appropriate

Episode 12: Kate Barry and Irene O'Neill - The eSmart Programme

Corin Haines chats with Kate Barry of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Irene O'Neill from Hume Libraries about the purpose of the eSmart programme and how it matters to libraries.

eSmart Libraries is a free behaviour change initiative for cybersafety and wellbeing designed to equip libraries and connect library users with the skills they need for smart, safe and responsible use of technology

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