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The most commonly fielded questions by the LIANZA office team relate not to membership or professional registration, but to remuneration.    

Cath Sheard - Lightning: Bok-Bok-BOKing In The Garden Of Re-registration - Transforming The Process One Peck At A Time

I am Professionally Registered, have revalidated once, and am halfway through the second revalidation period. I believe it is important people enjoy the process and not see it as "one more task‟. When I received my new RLIANZA in 2010 comments from the Board included “Both assessors thoroughly enjoyed your journal” and “Such enthusiasm, desire to learn, share, improve, tailored by an understanding of her personal boundaries – needs bottling and selling!”. This feedback made me think others might benefit from some tips.

Skill Map

For each of the topics listed below, it is assumed:

A) that to possess a skill in that area is to have an ability to understand and apply these topics in the Library and Information environment and/or have the ability to create, use, develop, implement, manage that information tool, program etc. as appropriate

Domains of Practice

In addition to covering the BoK clusters, your revalidation journal should be applied across the four domains of practice (at a minimum your journal should touch on three).

This sounds complicated but it isn’t – it just means that you need to vary the type of training or learning you choose to do when revalidating.  Don’t just read articles or attend courses, but try to include networking and leadership activities, and look at where you are learning on the job.

Education providers

These education providers offer New Zealand focussed library and information studies, and record management programmes ranging from Diplomas to Masters level qualifications. 


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Personal Development

Alongside our Professional Development courses, LIANZA will sometimes run personal development courses and training.

Personal development is an important part of your learning and knowledge and maintaining this will benefit you both professionally and personally.

Some areas of personal development you might like to explore include:

Episode 1: Jenica Rogers - Staff Development, Communication and Social Media

Corin Haines and Jenica Rogers talk about staff development and the challenges of balancing the needs of seasoned staff and new recruits. Then chat about the hierarchical nature of libraries and how this can be an enabler or a hindrance to staff development. Next we spend some time talking about communication within the profession and how we interact with each other, exchange ideas and find information. Core skills come under the spotlight before we talk briefly about social media and the role this has played in the development of librarians and how we operate.


LIANZA has an incredible membership base that makes it possible for us to accomplish great things for the library and information profession through our project work. 

Our main projects focus on strengthening the profession and were developed in response to member feedback. Have a look at what we're up to! And if you like what you see, get involved - we could always use the help!



Looking for work? Check out the current vacancies. If there's anything else we can do to help, you know what to do!


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Starting your career

Well, well, well! Looks like you've decided that a career in libraries and information management is right for you. Congrats! But, what now?!


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