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Senior Manager

Senior Management Salary comparision chart

 Figure 1 Remuneration comparison for senior management roles

The senior management roles illustrated the largest salary gap (up to 16%) when compared with both local government and general job market salaries (Figure 1). The data also shows that across the board, the LIS sector does not currently reach the average remuneration of the other sectors.

Introduction to Library Management

An Infopeople online course, beginning  10 March – 6 April 2015

Have you recently moved to a management position or are you considering a career path in library management? Do you want to determine your potential or improve your ability to be a successful manager? How strong are your management skills and what can you do to strengthen them or acquire additional skills?

During this course, which is targeted at first time managers and supervisors, you will learn:

5 Minutes On personal resilience through the change process

Change is now ubiquitous in the library sector – technology, legislation, society structure, customer demographics, company demands are all changing at a pace that mean change has become a constant. 

However, that doesn’t make it any easier to manage or navigate. 

So how do you manage change well?

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Kim Salamonson - Is Librarianship A Worthwhile And Valuable Profession?

Forget about that image of librarians as quiet little bookworms with Buns and glasses! More and more of today's librarians must be clever interrogators, helping the patron to reframe their question more usefully. Librarians then become high-tech information sleuths, helping patrons plumb the oceans of information available in books, digital records, and online databases.  And sometimes searching, starts with a clever Google search but frequently, goes well beyond.

An Introduction to Leadership

This self-paced LIANZA online learning course provides an overview of the topic of leadership within the context of the library and information professions.

In a time of rapid and dynamic change, there are limitless opportunities for people to develop their leadership skills and confidence. LIANZA recognises that developing a broad base of leaders is one of the most important things we can do to ensure a vibrant future.

Course Content

Justine Hyde - Transforming yourself for the future library

Justine Hyde conducts her workshop at the 2014 LIANZA conference in Auckland on why libraries are changing and how librarians need to adapt for modern ideas.

Distant But Driven

Library Life Article: 22 Mar 13

Feature article by: Luqman Hayes

I took on postgraduate library study with a great amount of determination. A latecomer to the industry, inspired by its possibilities, I was resolved to make progress and fast.

As a librarian working full time and a father to three young children, study was mostly reserved to the evenings and, around the times of assignments, to the very late nights.

Returning To Study

Library Life Article: 22 Mar 13

Feature article by: Allan Picking RLIANZA ALIANZA

Michelle Anderson: The Power of Choice - Problems with a Female Dominated Profession

Michelle Anderson presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on the problems experienced by a predominantly female profession.

Librarianship has traditionally been a female dominated profession. What has changed in the last 30 or so years has been the pattern of work that female librarians have engaged in. Changes in social attitudes, legislation and better childcare options have given women the power of choice – the ability to choose whether to combine work with motherhood, an option not available a number of years ago.

LIANZA Careers Survey Report 2013

The LIANZA Careers Survey is a rich source of information about our career choices, from qualifications to professional registration to continuing professional development.

In 2012 LIANZA hosted a national series of workshops on Careers in Libraries presented by Lynley Stone of The Information Workshop. To gain a solid understanding how library careers evolve in our rapidly changing world, an online survey was conducted on behalf of LIANZA, with the preliminary results from the survey being used in the workshops.


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