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Expressions of Interest: LIANZA Credentials Committee

Fellows and Associates – we need your help!   We have two vacancies on our Credentials Committee for 2018 and our rules require that they be filled by Fellows or Associates. This is an incredibly important role for LIANZA – we have been awarding Fellows and Associateships since 1955 – and participation in this group is a rewarding way to give back to the profession.


Associateships are awarded to registered members of the Library and Information Profession Registration Scheme who've been a personal member of the Association for at least five years and have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, judgement, attitude, and commitment of a professional librarian and information manager.

Who can apply?

Professionally registered LIANZA members who have been a part of the association for at least five years.

Fellowship Recipients

• 1964: EA Evans

• 1966: R Duthie

• 1975: MA Ronnie, A Olsson

• 1979: RW Hlavac

• 1981: W Colgan

• 1984: KS Williams

• 1987: AD Richardson, PG Scott

• 1988: IRV Hudson

• 1989: AL Shipherd, M Warwick

• 1991: APU Millett

• 1996: GE Chamberlain, SK Cooper, JL Copsey,

HM Stephen-Smith

• 1997: AJ Dewe, SF Sutherland, C Wilson

• 1998: AM Dobbie, AG Pattie, KN Penberth, GD


NZ Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2017

In little over a month, the finalists of one of the largest and most exciting children's literature events of the year-the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults- will be announced, and we'd love the support of libraries in promoting these wonderful home- grown New Zealand kids' books.

Associateship Recipients

Year Recipients
ARLIDGE, Jane Dorothy
BEST, Jill Susan
EDMUNDSON, Mirla Elizabeth
MANNING, Heather Joy
SIDDLE, Graeme Louis
ALDRIDGE, Lynley Margaret
BARNABY, Suzanne Alison

Baker & Taylor / James Bennett Professional Development Scholarship

An invitation is extended to all staff at libraries that are part of the Nationwide Outsourcing Contract. Baker & Taylor/James Bennett, are the supplier of library materials and services to New Zealand Public Libraries in this contract. They have put together an exciting scholarship opportunity that recognises the importance of continuing professional development.

Paul Reynolds Scholarship

Paul Reynolds (1949-2010) was a man who touched the worlds of broadcasting, publishing, libraries, museums, galleries and archives and he was a passionate believer in the transformational power of the internet and the digital world on the lives of people.

Edith Jessie Carnell Travelling Scholarship

This scholarship was established as a result of a bequest in the will of Mr Archibald George William Dunningham and named in honour of Edith Jessie Carnell.

Edith Jessie Carnell was a British Librarian who worked in New Zealand between 1939-1944 as the liaison between the NZ Library Association and the Country Library Service. 


We had a great time at Shout! Karanga Rā! 2015.


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