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Keynote Address LIANZA 2010: Chris Szekely

Adressing the LIANZA conference in 2010 this is a personal reflection on the changing library and information needs of Maori. In the 1990's, the Te Ara Tika Project identified the key issues relating to Maori use and non-use of libraries. Chris considers how much progress has been made in addressing these issues, and the extent to which Maori are redefining their needs and expectations.

Lynn Walker: So What Made You Decide To Become A School Librarian?

Lynn Walker presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on some of the reasons why people choose to become school librarians.

Paula Banks: Epic Ideas For Promoting Passionate Use Of Your Electronic Resource Collections

Paula Banks presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on promoting electronic resource collections.

Kristina Hoeppner: Vision For An Education Resources Repository

Kristina Hoeppner presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference advocating for an repository of online educational resources.

Joan Simpson: Between The Quakes

Joan Simpson presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on her experiences as a librarian after the 2010 Canterbury earthquakes.

Thelma Fisher and Catherine Robertson: Accountability, Advocacy And Academia: A Library Liaison Perspective

Thelma Fisher and Catherine Robertson present their paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on how librarians can assist researchers.

Neda Zdravkovic and Stephanie Cook: Empowering Users, Empowering Libraries: Interactive User Instruction, Activities And Games That Work

Neda Zdravkovic and Stephanie Cook hold a workshop at the 2011 LIANZA conference for teaching how to engage customers and visitors.

What are the most effective instructional practices librarians can employ to empower their patrons and maximise the utilisation of services and resources available? How do we attract library users, engage, inspire and support them in the continuous, life-long learning journey?

Stephen Pugh: Librarians Are Not Hospice Workers: Best Practice Strategies For Demonstrating Value And Influence In Academic Libraries

Stephen Pugh presents his paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference concerning the difficulties facing libraries in continually demonstrating value.

Mirla Edmundson: One City, Auckland Libraries. The Story So Far – Marketing And Change Management

Mirla Edmundson presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference surrounding the implementation of the MyCard project and the marketing and change management challenges found.

Michelle Anderson: The Power of Choice - Problems with a Female Dominated Profession

Michelle Anderson presents her paper to the 2011 LIANZA conference on the problems experienced by a predominantly female profession.

Librarianship has traditionally been a female dominated profession. What has changed in the last 30 or so years has been the pattern of work that female librarians have engaged in. Changes in social attitudes, legislation and better childcare options have given women the power of choice – the ability to choose whether to combine work with motherhood, an option not available a number of years ago.


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