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Baruk Jacob - ComicsAlly: A Collaboration to support the comics scene

Baruk Jacob presents his paper to the LIANZA 2014 conference in Auckland on setting up a collaborative website to promote graphic novels in New Zealand.

This paper discusses the setting up of a collaborative website to solicit and present comic art and related content from Aotearoa New Zealand. The purpose of the site is

Erica Herron and Melanie Baxter - Situations Vacant: Strengthening the Community through Employment Support

Erica Herron and Melanie Baxter present their paper to the LIANZA 2014 conference in Auckland on the challenges and results of their employment support initiative.

Media Tips For Dealing With Radio And TV Interviews

As part of LIANZA’S Strategic Plan, in the area of advocacy, 4 Councillors attended a half day media training session in December 2011. 

This document outlines the combined feedback on the key things they learned, including:

  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Reporters and reaching your audience
  • Techniques
  • General
  • Responding to Media Enquiries

Briefing For The Minister Responsible For The National Library Of New Zealand

This brief was prepared by LIANZA for the Minister for Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) responsible for the National Library of New Zealand in 2012. The brief outlines the important role that libraries play in New Zealand society, the challenges facing libraries in the next five to ten years, the importance of the National Library of New Zealand to the sector and the country, and the opportunities for ensuring best value is achieved from the investment made in libraries in New Zealand.

Strengthening The Profession – Background 2009 – Jun 2012

In March 2009 LIANZA Council received a paper proposing a strategy to market the library and information profession from  a LIANZA working group chaired by Jane Arlidge and Rosemary Nicholls.  The paper was far reaching and was put   to one side for various reasons.

At our June 2011 Council strategic planning meeting, we revisited the paper and we decided  that perhaps the new approach should be Building a Stronger Profession, rather than marketing the profession, hence ‘Strengthening the Profession ‘ became the strategic goal.

Libraries supporting The Rebuild Of Christchurch

Carolyn Robertson, of Christchurch City Libraries, and Carol Brandenburg, of Lincoln University, made this presentation at the American Library Association (ALA) Conference in Anaheim, California, in the United States.

#LIANZAHQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your Frequently Asked Questions about the Association. If there is something you'd like to know then ask us using #LIANZAHQ via twitter, Facebook or email

Gillian Hallam: Our Journey Into The Future - E-Portfolios

Gillian Hallam presents her paper to the 2009 LIANZA conference on the results of a study into E-Portfolios in libraries.

Keynote Address: Claudia Lux - Libraries On The Agenda

Claudia Lux holds a presentation at the 2009 LIANZA conference on the IFLA and how it relates to libraries.

Libraries on the Agenda

In today’s baggage:

  • What is IFLA?
  • What is “Libraries on the Agenda”?
  • Advocacy activities

Allison Brown, Gillian Elliot and Kate Nixon: Getting Beyond The Roach Motel: How To Develop A Service That Our Clients May Not Realise They Need

Allison Brown, Gillian Elliot and Kate Nixon present their paper to the 2010 LIANZA conference on new concepts in designing library intiatives.


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