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Skill Map

For each of the topics listed below, it is assumed:

A) that to possess a skill in that area is to have an ability to understand and apply these topics in the Library and Information environment and/or have the ability to create, use, develop, implement, manage that information tool, program etc. as appropriate

Manuhiri Huatahi - Supporting the Māori Business Professional in the Taniwha Economy

This paper was presented by Manuhiri Huatahi at the 2013 LIANZA Conference.

Professionalism: Exploring the Role and Responsibility of our Professional Associations

This paper was presented by Susan Henczel and Peter Macauley at the 2013 LIANZA Conference

Systematic Reviews: The Health Librarian’s Role In Providing Faculty Support

This paper was presented by Diana Blackwood at the 2013 LIANZA Conference

Keynote Address: Linda Smith

Video of Keynote Address by Linda Smith, presented at the LIANZA Conference 2013

Keynote Address: Bill MacNaught

Video of Keynote Address by Bill Macnaught, presented at the LIANZA Conference 2013.

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Keynote Address: Lorcan Dempsey

Presented by Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President, Research & Chief Strategist, OCLC at the 2013 LIANZA Conference in Hamilton.

Slides from this presentation are available on the OCLC website.



5 Minutes on Time Management

LIANZA presents tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time



As jobs get busier and busier, knowing how to effectively manage your time can make an incredible difference to you in your role – assisting with stress levels, making sure you don’t forget key tasks and helping you keep on top of things. So here are a few tips on time management.


Tip 1:  Don’t multi-task!

5 Minutes on Taking Minutes

Minutes are one of the ways to keep track of what is discussed at meetings, and ensure action points are followed up on.




5 minutes on… Taking Minutes


What are minutes and why do we need them?

LIANZA Council

Council Members

The LIANZA Council provides governance, policy and strategic direction for the Association and is made up of a President, President Elect, Past President, Treasurer, six regional councillors, two representatives of Te Rōpū Whakahau and the Executive LIANZA Director.

Upcoming LIANZA Council meeting dates for 2019:


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