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What's an abstract?

If this is your first time presenting at a conference you may not know what an abstract is or even how to go about writing one. Below you'll find a short definition of an abstract as well as steps to follow to write your abstract. 

What's an abstract? An abstract is a short piece of writing designed to capture your potential audiences attention. In a conference sense, it needs to impress the programmes committee and also be written in a way that will make conference attendees want to attend your session. 

While not written for the library sector this article has some great tips that you may find useful: 


Abstract format-tell us your idea: 


We’ll need a title to advertise your presentation – it should be engaging but should also match your subject matter.  Please ensure the title clearly stands out on the page.

Presenters / Authors 
Begin by listing the main presenter and their Afilliation / Organisation.


Then add:

-          Anyone else who will be assisting with the presentation (for inclusion in the conference listing)

-          Anyone else who will be contributing to the content including authors if this will be a formal conference paper

Please note their role.


Abstract / Topic Idea          
In 500 words or less let us know the topic you plan to cover.  If you’re changing up the format or have an innovative idea for your session give us these details too.


Who is your presentation targeting?  Is there a sector or specific group you are aiming to reach?  This information helps us design our programme more effectively.

Other details

Your abstract can be submitted in English or Te Reo Maori and shouldn’t be longer than 500 words in length.


We hope this helps and happy abstract writing! 


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