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BOK 5 Organisation, Retrieval, Preservation and Conservation

What is included in BoK 5?

  • Describing,  categorising and storing information.
  • The principles of preservation and conservation.
  • Designing systems for the storage, description and retrieval of information.


When reflecting on your activities, ask yourself - 'What did you learn or practise in this area?'  'How did this impact on your work?'  'What did you do as a result of the activity?'


Some examples of activities include:

  1. Developing a disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan for collection management.
  2. Implementing or learning how to use a records management system.
  3. Applying standards for cataloguing a new format such as eBooks.
  4. Preserving archival material.
  5. Developing a plan for digitising resources.
  6. Sharing information learnt at a conservation workshop.
  7. Using an online tool to organise and retrieve information for example tagging photos on Flickr, using Diigo.
  8. Attending a webinar on Resource Description and Access (RDA).
  9. Creating an asset management database.
  10. Reading an article on Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR).
  11. Indexing newspaper articles.
  12. Advising a user on how to manage citations.
  13. Updating authority files for local authors.
  14. Applying Māori Subject Headings to authority records – te reo, manaakitanga, whakapapa.


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