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BOK 4 The information Access Process

What is included in BoK 4?

  • Understanding how people find information.
  • Developing literacies for accessing and using information.
  • Using reference and research skills.
  • Promoting the benefits of reading and lifelong learning.


When reflecting on your activities, ask yourself - 'What did you learn or practise in this area?'  'How did this impact on your work?'  'What did you do as a result of the activity?'


Some examples of activities include:

  1. Designing a web page to help customers find specific resources.
  2. Giving a presentation on how to do a literature review.
  3. Developing web pages/brochures of key Māori information resources – manaakitanga.
  4. Working with someone to find the best resources for their research topic.
  5. Writing a conference paper on an information literacy project.
  6. Attending an information literacy training seminar.
  7. Training other library staff in subject specific databases.
  8. Using a library blog for readers advisory.
  9. Showing students how to use AnyQuestions and ManyAnswers.
  10. Facilitating a book group.
  11. Reading an article about the reference interview.
  12. Teaching seniors how to use the internet.
  13. Showing a community group how to use the library.
  14. Discussing the role of Library staff in supporting students taking a MOOC.


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