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BOK 2 Generating, Communicating & Using Information

What is included in BoK 2?

  • Understanding how information is created, presented, disseminated and used
  • Identifying the impact and opportunities presented by the changing publishing environment
  • Understanding the role of information organisations in generating and communicating information


When reflecting on your activities, ask yourself - 'What did you learn or practise in this area?'  'How did this impact on your work?'  'What did you do as a result of the activity?'


Some examples of activitites include:

  1. Explaining Open Access principles to a colleague
  2. Explaining the role of a Whare Tipuna (ancestral house) as a knowledge repository
  3. Recommending platform and format options for material your organisation has produced
  4. Becoming a peer reviewer for a journal or conference
  5. Using social media to build a personal learning network
  6. Preparing a handout comparing key features of current ebook reading devices to help customers choose the one that suits their needs best
  7. Buying an ebook reader and experiment with reading ebooks
  8. Discussing features of an ebook publisher’s online service with their representative
  9. Giving a conference presentation about your library’s experience implementing the Zinio platform for e-magazines
  10. Organising a panel discussion about digital publishing as part of your LIANZA region’s weekend school



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