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BOK 10 Assessing Service Effectiveness

What is included in BoK 10?

  • Actions taken to assess service quality and effectiveness
  • Identifying or designing methods to measure how well library services are being provideed or library operations are being conducted
  • Measure or assess the quality of library and information facilities, products and services
  • Analyse or interpret results of measuring service effectiveness or quality


When reflecting on your activities, ask yourself - 'What did you learn or practise in this area?'  'How did this impact on your work?'  'What did you do as a result of the activity?'


Some examples of activities include:

  1. Designing a survey to evaluate a customer service
  2. Analysing results from a survey of library users and recommending appropriate services
  3. Identifying key performance indicators for success of a new service
  4. Visiting another library to compare various workflows
  5. Reviewing the process for doing the monthly weeding report for a branch library to help manage branch stock within target size
  6. Redesigning the cataloguing statistics form to better capture the work each cataloguer produces each week
  7. Measuring library use during a period of time to assess the cost effectiveness of the opening hours
  8. Establishing a trial to review the loan period to encourage reluctant readers to use graphic novels and sophisticated picture books, then review the loan statistics
  9. Evaluating the benefits of a pre-school programme
  10. Conducting a hui with your Māori community to identify what they need and expect from your library service


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