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In May 2005 the government announced that it would provide more than 53 million dollars to implement a New Zealand Digital Strategic Framework.

I am passionate about professional development and have been on the LIANZA Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui committee for several years. In 2014 I decided to extend my skillset in a different direction and sign up for a PhD part time alongside work.

It's been another busy month here at the LIANZA office-here's an overview of just some of the things we've been up to!

Last year Philip Calvert posted to the NZ-Libs email list asking librarians for examples of barriers in libraries that blocked or hindered access for people with physical impairments. He received a number of messages with examples and has condensed them a blog post.

The aim of Mobile Maker space at Christchurch City Libraries is for people to gather together to create, share ideas and help each other. A project group was created with the intention of rolling out Mobile Makerspaces into libraries in the Christchurch network.

Below are the members of the Kōtuku17 cohort. We look forward to supporting these people on their leadership journeys! 

In December 2016 we held a #LIANZABling holiday decorating competition where New Zealand libraries could send in picture of their decorated libraries. We were so impressed with the effort that went in to the entry from Dunedin Public Library that we wanted to showcase it here on the blog.

We have been amazed at all the creative, thoughtful and simply stunning holiday decorating entries we received for the #LIANZABling competition. The LIANZA Executive Committee has judged the entries and the winner was AUT Library!

Of particular relevance for librarians are the provisions related to copyright law: extension of term, the introduction of new related rights covering performers, and the provisions relating to TPMs and rights-management information.

I began the year by making the decision to resign from my role as a lecturer in the information and library studies team at the Open Polytechnic to take up a volunteer role on the other side of the world with the St. Lucia Public Library. This seemed like a crazy decision to a lot of people (my mother in particular), but after a period of existential crisis, a growing disenchantment with academia, and more generalised sense of professional frustration, I thought a change of scenery and role was what I needed to help me rekindle my love for librarianship.


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