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LIANZA is bidding to bring the IFLA congress to New Zealand, and to support our bid NZ Tourism funded our attendance at this year’s IFLA congress.

Happy first day of Spring! It's been rainy and chilly here in Wellington but we're hoping the sun will start shining again soon.
This month we've been busy helping with a ton of conference requests, preparing the annual report, completing our annual audit and of course, Joanna, along with Louise and Paula has been in Poland!

Leadership is something I have always been interested in, and over the last four years I have been working towards gaining skills in this area.

This month we've been busy preparing for our annual audit. Conference preparations are also in full swing-just a month and a half to go now!

Amuri toi i a ako whakaaro, be OPEN to consideration that LIANZA has serious WOO. Find out by attending the LIANZA Conference.

It seems Winter is well and truly upon us but we're not letting the chilly weather slow us down! It's been another busy month for the office as we prepared for and held the annual LIANZA Council strategic planning days. You can read all about the outcomes of the planning days below.

During a recent trip to Singapore I was lucky enough to be able to visit a few of their libraries, and I was blown away by the treasures I discovered. The first I was taken to was Bukit Panjang (the others will be the focus of future blog posts) - a public library sited in a shopping mall in the suburb of Bukit Panjang. On the day that I viewed the library it was not yet open to the public, having been closed for several months for renovations.

Technology. It’s super handy and it’s now so much easier to be entertained and informed than ever before. No running out in the winter weather to fetch the paper, everything I need is literally at my fingertips. It only takes a second for me to make sure I’m informed, know where I’m going or even make sure I stay dry getting to work. But for some, technology doesn’t make things easier, it makes things possible. Some of those ‘good old days’ solutions that we sometimes get nostalgic about, meant many people simply missed out.


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