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Q&A with Kirsten Allan, Community Librarian at Papamoa Branch Library in Tauranga

Q&A with University of Auckland staff member Claudia Adams

Reviewed by Janet Wills

2017 is certainly disappearing at a rapid pace! Here's what we've been keeping busy with: 

We asked Tauranga Hospital Library Librarian Raewyn Adams a few questions about her library journey

How fast time flies when you are having fun. I had tweeted on the last day that it was one of the best conferences I had been to and after reflecting and sorting thoughts I still write the same.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Kōtuku

“What’s Your Perspective?”. The main idea behind the theme was to make you think, feel, and maybe even change your perspective!

I got Rhia at work to show me how to write an abstract. Submit it. Double oops I was accepted.

The general public sometimes assumes that people living with dementia, even those who once obtained a great deal of pleasure from reading, can no longer read, or if they are still able to do so, are only able to cope with basic vocabulary and simple grammar.


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