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LIANZA Standing Committee on Copyright Year in Review 2016

2016 has been a significant year for the LIANZA Standing Committee on Copyright (LSCC).  At the beginning of the year the TPPA was signed by ministers of the member countries, which began a 2 year ratification period.  The New Zealand government was quick to begin the ratification process and develop and consult on amendments to New Zealand law, in anticipation of the TPPA coming into force.  Of particular relevance for librarians are the provisions related to copyright law: extension of term, the introduction of new related rights covering performers, and the provisions relating to TPMs and rights-management information.  

The LSCC’s response to the proposed changes occupied much of our work this year.  We authored several submissions, and, until September of this year, our work has largely focused on the TPPA.  While recent international political developments mean that the TPPA is unlikely to be implemented in its current form, the LSCC believes it is likely that intellectual property provisions similar to those in the TPPA will be sought in future trade agreements, so we will remain vigilant.

We have also continued to advise the LIANZA Council on copyright matters, as well as answer copyright queries from members.

In July, Cherry Gordon provided a webinar on the content and implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Amendment BILL 133-1, which was well-attended and informative.  It included a useful background to copyright.

In November, Kim Gutchlag represented the LSCC at the NDF event in Wellington.  Kim’s presentation can be reviewed at:

There are a number of copyright resources that may assist librarians that are available from the LIANZA pages (see:, and we encourage members to, in particular, consult the Questions and Answers on Copyright for Librarians (

The copyright law review - previously deferred pending the TPPA negotiations - is overdue.  The LSCC hopes that this will now take place.  In anticipation of this, the LSCC plans to survey members in 2017, to assess what aspects of copyright law are, and are not, working well for members.  

Many of you will have participated in the Creative Sector Survey that MBIE released this year.  The LSCC was concerned, as were a number of you, that this survey seemed more designed to take account of the experience of rights holders than of users of copyright material, and did not afford sufficient opportunity to users to describe their own difficulties with the current copyright law regime.  We hope that the LSCC eventual submission on any Copyright Review will rectify this courtesy of  your responses to the above-mentioned  survey.

We have expanded our collaboration and liaison with InternetNZ, Creative Commons, Universities NZ, and Museums NZ.  We will be building these links in 2017 and working together to ensure a coordinated response from GLAMs sector organisations to legislative and policy initiatives.

In 2017 we intend to expand our education resources.  We are also hoping to welcome two new members, as we are currently recruiting to expand our membership.  If you have an interest in copyright, please contact us to explore the possibility of working together.

We are also thrilled to have Elisabeth Marrow on board as our LIANZA Council representative.  We look forward to working with her in 2017.

The Chair would like to thank Diane Friis, Cherry Gordon, Kim Gutchlag, and Amy Joseph for their energy and enthusiasm this year.  The LSCC would like to thank Joanna Matthew and the team at the LIANZA office for their support.

We wish you and your families a positive end to the year and a happy and prosperous 2017.  

As always, please send any feedback, queries or comments to


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