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Aoraki's first event for 2017

On Wednesday 22 March the first Aoraki event of the year took place at the new-ish (3-4 years old) Lincoln Library, a branch of the Selwyn District Libraries. It was a great opportunity for those who don’t have the opportunity to get out to Lincoln much to come and explore. Members were invited to take a self-directed tour of the library to look at the collection and the various spaces created around it. There was an interesting debate amongst a few of us as we tried to work out what the cartoon silhouettes were that were printed on the glass outside the staff area – no one could agree on what it could be (I thought it may be one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) until Chrissie, branch manager for Lincoln, decided that it had to be Shrek since it was printed next to a donkey.

Vicki, Selwyn Libraries Manager, then spoke about some of the background around the Selwyn Libraries journey, from volunteer run libraries in the 1990s to where they are now. It was a fascinating talk that covered how Selwyn, in all its districts, came to form due to the resources in the area, and continued on to the formation of the libraries, right down to the future construction of the new Rolleston Library.

After exploring the library we popped over The Laboratory right next door for dinner and a drink. I just wanted to take a moment to say how fantastic the staff were at The Laboratory when I contacted them to book space for 20-odd dinner attendees. Normally there is a rental fee, charged by the hour, to hire one of their function spaces but the manager said that libraries and librarians do so much for community, so they gave us a discount and let us use one of their spaces for free – it’s always lovely to hear from others how much they appreciate what we do. Dinner was an absolute feast. I don’t think anyone thought we’d end up with so much food. We had dish after dish show up, and that was just the entrees. By the time the pizzas showed up I think a number of us were wondering if we’d have to be rolled out the door by the end of dinner.

Special thanks to Vicki sharing some of the history of Selwyn with us and the journey of the Selwyn Libraries. Thanks also to Chrissie for staying late for us to explore the library, it was greatly appreciated.

By Sarah Fraser, LIANZA Aoraki Chair 


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