Registered practitioners are required to revalidate their registration every three years to retain RLIANZA status.  Revalidation is required for library and information professionals to demonstrate that they are keeping their knowledge and skills up to date and applying these skills in their practice.  It is a formal pathway to show that they committed to continuous professional development, by maintaining and developing their professional knowledge and expertise in a rapidly changing world.

Registered practitioners will be reminded 3 months prior to the date of renewal of their revalidation, and must forward the necessary documentation within 6 months of this date. 

How to Revalidate

  1. Read the Revalidation Criteria documentation carefully  

  2. Download the journal template. The journal is an excel file that can be saved to your computer and maintained as an excel file

  3. Update the journal frequently over the 3 year period. When adding a new activity, it should only be applied to the most relevant domain for the applicable Body of Knowledge

  4. When revalidation is due, complete and sign the Journal cover sheet, including your brief self assessment statement

  5. The journal and completed cover sheet should be forwarded to your employer (or another registered professional familiar with your work and practice)

  6. The employer (or other registered professional as above) should sign the Letter of Verification if they are satisfied that to the best of their knowledge the information is true and correct

  7. Email your journal, cover sheet and signed letter of verification to This information should be received by the office within 3 months of revalidation being due (ie within 6 months of notification that revalidation is due)

  8. The Registration Board will acknowledge receipt of your application when it has received all necessary documentation

  9. When your application has been approved you will be notified, and you may continue to use RLIANZA after your name when describing your library and information qualifications

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