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Why should I register?

Being recognised as a professional is important to me.

There are an incredible amount of reasons why you should become professionally registered with LIANZA.

But none of them are as powerful as the quote featured above.

As a librarian you're one of the few unsung heroes in contemporary society.

Being recognised as a professional isn't just something you want, it's what you deserve.

So register to prove to yourself that you're a professional who deserves respect. You owe it to yourself.

Remember those benefits of Professional Registration I mentioned earlier?! Here are a few to get you started...

  • Highlighting to potential and current employers your commitment to development, both personal and professional
  • Access to a LIANZA mentor who will guide you through your journey to becoming registered
  • An assurance that you meet professional standards of competency for the sector – many employers value Professional Registration 
  • International benchmarking and recognition of your qualifications overseas
  • The ability to use ‘RLIANZA’ postnominals
  • The ability to become an Associate of LIANZA, which further recognises achievement within the profession


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